Creating a mail merge message

Sending a mail merge is like sending a broadcast message with a personal touch. You can copy or upload a CSV (comma separated data file) so you can personalise the message with fields from the CSV file.

To send a mail merge message:

  1. Select ‘mail merge’ from the menu on the left hand side of the page
  2. Enter information as required. Select the ‘Next’ button. This can be done by typing the text in or by cutting and pasting a text file of data with the fields separated by commas or upload your file using the 'Load from file' and Browse button. Please ensure there is a comma “,” between each field in your data file.
  3. Type your message inserting the fields you would like included by double clicking the field list . Select the ‘Next’ button.
  4. You will then see a preview of what the message will look like when sent to the first person in your data file.
  5. (Optional step) Enter a time and date you wish the message to be sent. You can set a time that the message will automatically be sent if you are not at your computer. This facility is good for appointment reminders as they can be set well in advance.
  6. Select ‘Send ’ to send your message.

The message will now be sent to the mobile phone(s) as long as no booking time has been entered. A record of the message will appear in the log section.

Some common problems when sending a mail merge message are:
Incomplete or incorrectly formatted data file – An error will occur if you supply an incomplete or incorrectly formatted mobile number. If you have copied from an Excel database you need to ensure that there is a 0 at the front of the number.

Insufficient daily credits – When sending a mail merge message you need to ensure that you have enough daily credits available. Once your daily credits reach zero any messages lodged will be rejected. If you need to increase your daily limit you can contact one of our support staff.

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